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Lighting. Renewables. Heating and cooling. Energy management is a complicated business. Fortunately, our experts know how to design solutions tailored to your individual needs.


From hospitals to households, supermarkets to service stations, our experience and attention to detail means your customised energy solutions are installed with a minimum of disruption or effort.


Saving the environment means saving money. We can help you significantly reduce your energy costs while minimising overheads - and increasing your green credentials.

Economical. Eco-Friendly.


Our Services


The num-1 method for medium to large enterprises to reduce energy bills & carbon footprints while avoiding capital outlay.


Solar is good. Solar PPAs can be even better. But only EcoBrilliance can offer our unique Performance Guarantee.


Operating in NSW, SA or VIC? We utilise government rebates to design and deliver efficient LED lighting solutions free of charge.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage - Lithium ion. Redox flow. Lead acid. Battery storage is as exciting as it is confusing. That’s where we come in.


Up to 50% of energy consumption in offices can come from heating and cooling. We can bring that cost down.

Embedded Networks

Multiple tenancies? Embedded networks are the first choice for operators of business parks, office buildings and more.

About EcoBrilliance

The energy market is changing rapidly, creating complex problems which require innovative, expert solutions. Fortunately, where others see difficulty, we see opportunity - the chance to help Australian businesses look at their energy usage from a holistic point of view, and implement energy management protocols which save money and reduce emissions, leading to a better bottom line and a better world.

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